Baggin’ up tons of smiles


Creative Direction, Content, Strategy, UI + UX

If you are gonna carry around a bag of goodies, why not add some smiles to it?

Some projects are just about creating joy

Not often do you get to work on a brief that calls for “a colorful and engaging retail experience that distributes tote bags with nice statements that make people smile.” And so, Nice Totes was born.

Hey, at least it isn’t fanny packs⁠

Most of the work I do is solving problems, but this project was less about solving a problem and more about just putting good into the world. That said, people don’t stop to smile or say nice things enough, so there is something to accomplish here!

But to really have an impact, this brand would need to be fun, vibrant, and unapologetic in its quest to create grins. And it definitely couldn’t look like “just another shopify store”.

Keep reading, I bag of you!

How we architected the solution⁠


I partnered with the legendary Chris Dunn to breathe fun and life into the entire brand—from the mark to the colors to a mascot that embodies the vibe and the mission.


Clever and kind statements were written and craftfully designed to help manifest these for-good intents, visually and responsibly.


The next step in spreading this kindness was to start getting these thoughtful designs onto canvas, eco-friendly tote bags.

The result? A nice twist to Shopify⁠