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Activity kits this thoughtful deserve to have an equally-thoughtful online presence

A mix of commerce and caring

Architecting a modern online store comfortable for both caregivers and older adults takes a flawless combination of industry experts, gerontologists, and a solid digital approach that is both tasteful and personalized for the specific user.

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To do good, you must do good things⁠

Considering the nature of this activity subscription box for older adults, a unique digital strategy needed to be created that mixed in some for-good initiatives with the commerce side of things. The company needs to sell products to keep its doors open, but the mission has to come before everything—and that takes precision in how you launch, when you launch, and most of all, what you launch.

How do you concurrently sell a product to both older adults and the people who potentially take care of them? The younger caregivers want a more modern and creative shopping experience, while the older adults need simple-to-use and straight-to-the-point. And at the same time, how do you also give back to these people in a monumental way?

How we architected the solution⁠


I partnered with the client, a gerontologist certified in brain health, to truly understand the potential users, their needs, and their online behaviors.


Personalized landing pages and marketing pieces were created to make sure we were speaking to the right users at the right time.


The shopping experience was evolved to allow for donations and a for-good marketing plan that featured giving away 100+ subscription boxes to those in need.


And we wrapped it all up in a Shopify store—personalized for each user.

The result? Big impact for the client + earth⁠